This agreement made the day of between Prospera Management (Lessor) and (Lessee(s)) is hereby attached to the Lease on Apt. # to satisfy the requirement of written permission to being any pet onto the property.

The Lessee shall deposit with the Lessor, upon execution of this agreement, the sum of $350.00 Non-refundable pet fee per pet (max 2 pets, max weight 60lbs each). The Pet Fee is non- refundable after Lessee vacates the apartment, regardless of whether or not the pet continues residency. Upon vacating the apartment, the carpet will be professionally inspected for pet damage. In the event damage is found, Lessee may be liable for total carpet and pad replacement, based on the extent of the damage. Any damage amount will be due upon notice. Any unpaid balance will be placed with a collection agency after 15 days.

Dog or Cat Breed Age
Pet Name Color Sex

Dog or Cat Breed Age
Pet Name Color Sex

Lessee agrees that if the pet becomes annoying, bothersome, or a nuisance to other residents, whether inside or outside of the apartment, or constitutes a problem or obstruction to Lessor, the Lessee will immediately remove the pet from the premises. Should the Lessee fail to remove the pet following written request from Lessor, this pet agreement will be canceled and all deposits forfeited. Lessor may also deem the situation a breach of lease and pursue legal action. All above action may be taken at the sole discretion of the Lessor.

Lessee agrees to abide by the following pet rules and hereby certifies that the pet(s) referenced above is at least 1 year old, weighs 60 pounds or less, is spayed or neutered. (Initial here). Documentation of same by a licensed veterinarian must be attached to this agreement.

1. Only pets referenced on this addendum is permitted. No substitute or replacement pet is permitted. 2. All pets must be taken by leash to the outside perimeter of the community. Pets are not permitted in lawn areas adjacent to the buildings.
3. Pets must be on a leash at all times and accompanied by and under the control of Lessee at all times when outside the apartment.
4. Pets may not be tied or staked outside the apartment or allowed to remain on balconies or patios.
5. Pets are not permitted in the pool area or pools at any time.

Pet ownership is a privilege and failure to abide by the preceding requirements will result in the forfeiture of this privilege and the removal of the pet. Lessor reserves the right to implement any other regulations deemed necessary.

Lessee Lessor

Lessee Date