We are very pleased that you have chosen to make your home with us, and we know that you will find Meadowlake a pleasant place to live. For the comfort, convenience and benefit of all Residents and to insure proper use and care of the premises, the following community policies have been established. These policies are an addendum to your Lease Agreement and failure to comply with these Community Policies and those set forth in the condo documents, at the discretion of Management or Meadowlake association can result in grounds for termination of the Lease Agreement. Meadowlake Condo Documents may be found in full on our web site www.ProsperaRealty.com

1. MAINTENANCE REQUESTS should be made online at www.ProsperaRealty.com maintenance request or in writing to the business office. Maintenance hours are weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. In cases of an emergency call 813-434-0290 or the Meadowlake office at (727) 773-2125. Emergencies include electrical problems, flood, sewer back up, refrigeration, air conditioning or heating only if temperature or health factors make it necessary. In case of fire or life threatening emergencies please call 911.

2. PLUMBING. A CHARGE WILL BE MADE AND WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE TENANT for unclogging plumbing equipment in which malfunctions are caused by the introduction of improper objects therein, such as toys, cloth objects, sanitary napkins, pet litter, disposable diapers, grease or other foreign matter.

3. PEST CONTROL. If you have a special problem with pests, notify the management office and arrangements for pest control will be made. Residents are expected to maintain a high standard of good housekeeping. If a Resident has an approved pet and it becomes necessary to spray for fleas, resident must pay an additional charge to cover the spraying.

4. GROUNDS UP KEEP. The community maintains a high degree of grounds maintenance. Meadowlake Maintenance request that you help in maintaining our high standards by properly disposing of all waste material, cleaning up after your pets, and particularly by disposing properly disposing of cigarette butts.

5. TRASH. For your convenience there is a dumpster on site. Place all trash in plastic bags or other secure containers to keep the trash areas neat, clean and odor fee, and place inside the dumpster (not on top or beside). The Garbage Drop container is locked to prevent outsiders from placing their garbage on the premises. A Key is provided to all residents for the garbage compactor. Please do not leave garbage out side of the gated area. This will result in Meadowlake management fining residents for improper deposal of garbage. Do not permit small children to take the trash to the dumpster. Break down all boxes before placing in dumpster. Do not leave trash or bags from cleaning up after your pet outside of your apartment.

6. ENTRANCES, HALLWAYS, WALKS, AND LAWNS and other public areas shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than entering and exiting. Storage of any kind is prohibited. Hanging of clothes, towels, or any other items over railings is prohibited. For safety, do not place plants on railings.

7. PARKING is limited and a maximum of two cars per apartment unless otherwise passed by Meadowlake Management. Residents must register their car with the Meadowlake Management office and obtain a parking decal. Please be advised, any vehicle on the property for more than 5 consecutive days must be registered with the management office. Any UNREGISTERED vehicles will be towed, and the expenses will be at the sole cost of the owner of the vehicle

8. SPEED LIMIT. The maximum speed limit throughout the community is 5 mph. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY AND WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS.

9. MOTORCYCLES, MINIBIKES, ETC. are not permitted.

10. GUESTS. Residents are responsible and liable for the conduct of their guests. Acts of guests in violation of the Lease Agreement or Community Policies may be deemed by Management to be a breach of said Lease Agreement by Resident. Guests are not permitted to stay more than 7 days without prior written consent from Prospera Property Management.

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11. COURTESY. There shall be no disturbance or loud noises created such as talking, playing of radios or stereos, television sets, use of appliances, etc., which would be disturbing or annoying to the other Residents of the community. Common courtesy and respect of other Resident’s privacy and peaceful enjoyment of the community shall be observed. Silence must be observed in the hallways at all times and doors leading from the apartment to the hallways should be kept closed. The shaking of rugs, mops, etc., in the hallways, stairways or out windows is not permitted. Quiet hours in the community are requested at 10pm. Violation of the noise rules may result in eviction.

12. DELIVERIES. We are not able to accompany any outside contractor to your unit, unless it is for the purpose of performing maintenance.

13. RECREATIONAL FACILITIES. Pool regulations and hours are posted at the pool area. Persons under 14 must be accompanied by an adult Resident. Tennis courts are to be used for tennis only. No more than 2 guests are allowed when using any recreational facility without prior written permission of Management. Use of any recreational facility is a privilege and may be revoked by Management at their sole discretion for any misconduct. Equipment for volleyball, horseshoes, and bocce ball can be checked out from the Meadowlake Management office and is not to be taken off of the community property. Tenants assume responsibility for equipment when checking it out and are responsible for returning it in good condition to the Meadowlake Management office. Cost for repairs or replacement of damaged or unreturned equipment will be the financial responsibility of the tenant. No pets are allowed in the pool area unless for special assistants. This is a very strongly enforced rule and may result in a fine if violated.

14. PETS are allowed only with prior written permission of Management and the execution of a Pet Addendum. An additional deposit will be required, a portion of which is non-refundable. The entire deposit may be applied against damages to the apartment in the event of default by Resident under Lease Agreement. Visiting pets are not permitted. Resident agrees to pay an additional charge of $50 per month accruing from the first day of the lease should an unauthorized pet be discovered, regardless of the date of discovery.

15. LOCKOUTS are the responsibility of the tenant. Prospera Property Management charges a $75 fee for changing locks.

16. TELEPHONE LINES. Telephones may only be placed at originally wired locations provided by the Telephone Company. Additional drilling, cutting, or boring for wires is not permitted. Inside wire maintenance is not provided. Telephone line maintenance is available through your local phone service provided. Additionally, your monitored alarm works off your phone line and any changes to your phone service can affect your alarm.

17. STORAGE. No goods or material of any kind or description that are combustible or would increase fire risk shall be placed in storage areas. Storage in such areas shall be Resident’s risk and Management shall not be responsible for any loss or damages. Heating and air conditioning closets are not to be used for storage purposes. Gas grills are not permitted and are not to be stored in storage areas.

Lessor shall have the right to make such other reasonable Community Policies as may, in it’s judgment, be needed for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises and the preservation of good order therein, which when made and notice thereof given to the Lessee, shall have the same force and effect as if originally made a part herein.

I/WE hereby acknowledge that I/WE have read the foregoing Community Policies and hereby agree to abide by each and every one. Any violation of the above policies shall be considered a breach of the Lease Agreement between parties.